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You can register for the Chronicles of Kandorya as an NPC/PJA (Non-Player Character or Animator Player Character) at the variable price of 20€ to 35€ (the earlier you register, the lower the price), and join a group directly in connection with the organization to give the game to other Players. You will be at the heart of the event!

This is the occasion:
* to take your first steps in the world of LARP or perhaps discover new gaming experiences
* to offer memorable play to the other participants of the event
* meet people
And all that, without the management of a character (history/BG of the character, distribution of skill points, etc.).


* PJA Action, for those who like battles or when there's trouble!
* PJA Ambiance, for those who prefer intrigues, mysteries, exchange and discuss over the quests...
...and if you can't choose, you can do both!

At your own costume base, specific equipment and costumes for certain roles will be loaned to you.
The organizing team will accompany you in your preparation and during your adventure.


Join the PNJ / PJA Group!

Do not hesitate to contact us on


Playing an ACTION NPC means above all loving... action! This does not mean that you will participate in battle simulations or skirmishes throughout the game, but the very principle of this group is still to participate in many of them or even to provoke certain moments that will allow this type of game.


The PJA MULKESH camp is particularly battle-oriented, although it also includes diplomats and several Flair NPCs.

You can therefore join a group (type PJA MULKESH) and embody this proud people throughout the GN or register freely as an ACTION NPC and have several roles throughout the game (robbers, monsters, troop reinforcements...) as you wish. scenario needs. You need to provide a basic costume that is a bit combative, but some costumes can be loaned to you on site for specific roles.


Playing an AMBIANCE NPC means playing a role that is more related to quests, which will allow you to be a starting point for certain investigations, to be a source of information or false leads, to participate in the economic game, in the game of guilds, being a character in a theatrical scene, etc... AMBIANCE NPCs have very different tasks in the development of the story but are based more on the plot and the scenario than on the pure action.


You may be required to play a constant role throughout the LARP or to play several roles depending on the scenario.

You need to provide a basic costume (check with the organization what type of role you will mainly play) but certain costumes or costume elements can be loaned to you on site for specific roles.

Some questions / answers about NPCs - PJA


What is the difference between NPC and PJA?

Any ! We created the term PJA in 2011 during the first Chronicles of Kandorya for the term "Character Player Animator". Indeed the name NPC that we frequently use on LARPs seemed wrong to us (Non-Player Character) because the idea was not to be behind the scenes but indeed on the ground, in contact with the players and above all "in game" to animate the game of other players. These are therefore Player-Facilitator roles that we offer, whether they are in the action or in the atmosphere. Whatever the term it is the vision of NPCs / PJAs that we have on Kandorya.


Should I bring a costume to do NPC / PJA?

Yes. You must have a base costume that is more combative if you are playing an Action NPC / PJA and more oriented towards the type of character you will play as if you are playing an Ambience NPC / PJA. Certain costumes or elements could be lent to you for a scene.


Where can I change, get info on my role as NPC / PJA during the game?

It is at the PC Orga that you will find information on your roles, on the scenes in preparation, that you will be briefed for the scenes to come. A special space  dedicated to NPCs / PJAs has been set up since Kandorya 2015 with a briefing area, costumes and make-up area as an extension of the PC Orga.


Do we sometimes talk about "Heroes" among NPCs / PJAs? What is that?

The "Heroes" are NPCs who are strongly linked to the storyline and who recur from one year to the next. They are leading NPCs / PJAs with often a very important scriptwriting involvement. If you want to embody a "Hero" you can request it from the organization. Be careful though; many suitors and few chosen for these exceptional roles. Theatrical skills desirable.


Where should I pitch my tent as an NPC / PJA?

A dedicated space will be devoted to NPCs / PJAs like a classic player camp. Unlike these camps, it is not mandatory to have a decorum tent in view that the NPC camp will be placed out of the field of vision of the space in play but close to the PC Orga and amenities. This camp is "offside".

Some NPC/PCA camps like the Mulkesh or the Void have their own playcamp which is "in play" and requires an effort of decorum. Some specific NPCs / PJAs can also be integrated  at player camps.


Should I plan my meals as an NPC / PJA?

Yes. The general reception conditions for NPCs / PJAs are the same as for players and you must therefore provide your own food. This is not supported by the organization.


Are there referents for the NPC / PJA groups?

Yes. Some organizers in Kandorya are tied directly to NPCs/PAYs. You will have camp referents for the Mulkesh as well as for the Void group but also for the NPCs / PJAs of Ambience or Action more generally. Do not hesitate to inquire on this site to find out which are the referents this year for your group (see Trombinoscope and Contacts)


Why is the ticket price cheaper for NPCs/PAYs?

We have decided since the beginning of the Chronicles of KANDORYA to offer a low registration price so that it is accessible to as many people as possible and that this allows all budgets to participate in this great game. The ticket price is much lower because even if your actions will very often be free, you will nevertheless have scriptwriting instructions to follow and scenes to perform for the greatest pleasure of all. You are a Player but also a person who animates the game for others. Therefore we wanted the price of this ticket to be the most accessible of all Player tickets, even for a participant who would like to register at the last moment.

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