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- You were the victim of a criminal offense at the event and you did not dare to report it on the spot?

- We strongly advise you to do so even outside the event, without delay, and to contact the Organization who can accompany you in your steps

- In order to make the method to use more readable, and in order to be effective in your report, this page is dedicated to help you

- You simply want to listen to a fact about the event? Remember that even outside the event, the Organization wants to hear from you and wants you to feel free to do so.


Who to contact?




- The Organization is at your disposal, and encourages you to report any criminal offense

- It is advisable, as much as possible, to report a number of elements; identify persons, identify witnesses,

identify the moment

- You don't have all these items? Would you like to contact the Organization for a report? We strongly encourage you to do so even without these items.

- You simply want to tell us about something that made you feel uncomfortable, that undermined your emotional security. Contact us

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Contact the Organization!

- Very important ! Make sure you contact the Kandorya Organization!

- A volunteer, a scenario organizer, a service provider is not authorized, outside the event to collect

your report, which may never reach the Organisation. This is not their role off the field.

- Social Network messengers are not the most appropriate media to collect your words

- Prefer a descriptive email of the situation while remaining factual as much as possible


A dedicated messaging service

- If contact@gnaventures@gmail is the direct contact to the Organization and was until now authorized to receive

any report, it was decided to create a specially dedicated messaging service for all reports, findings,

contact with a view to filing a complaint, or simply listening, in order to gather in one place the word, which must be completely freed and freed, and this so that the Organization can help you

operational implementation of messaging, Monday April 26, 2021 at 2 p.m.


- You will be in direct contact with the Organization of the event

- Florian, an Organizer whose sensitivity to these issues is particularly present due to his profession in psychological support, will be your contact.

- He will listen to you for any factual report and has been authorized by the Organization to do so

- Thus, the Organization will be able to collect your word and advise you in the steps to adopt

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