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Preparing the Kandorya Larp

You will find here many details concerning your preparation for Kandorya. These details are related to your Character, the Rules of the Game, the Logistic side of your stay on the Kandorya Lands.

Preparing your Character

Did you choose your Tribe ? It's now time to create your Character !

Please download the Character Form (fiche de personnage) below and the Rules of the Game (règles du jeu). Start to create your first form !

The Rules of the Game will be translated in english in the near future.


Preparing your stay on site

How to prepare your stay... what do you bring... what are the Rules  of Life in Kandorya..? You will find all the answers on the pdf document below untitled "Feuille de Route".


Managing your fief (fiefdom)

Your group of players has the chance to manage one or several fiefdoms ? You will find all the details related to the Rules of the Game of the Fief in Kandorya.


Do you want to know everything about Guilds ? Do you want to build a new Guild, according to the Rules and tempting to shine with your corporation in Kandorya ? 


This booklet is for you !


The Academic Booklet

Here is a textbook for those who want to transmit a knowledge, organise the knowledge transmission. This Academic Booklet will give you new ways to include your character in Kandorya. 

Occulus Rules

The Exploration Rules evolve in Kandorya. The game is now on land and sea.

Discover new lands, eplore the world with this new Occulus Rules...

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