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The Cymbroghi, which literally means "The Free People", was founded by the first Mainorat clans who arrived from Orya. Dispersed, their boats broken, delivered to the hostile lands of Kandorya, the clans gathered under the banner of Skogul and built the city of Traskavtroll (The Marsh of the Trolls).

Despite their coming together, it was only under the command of Jonak the Unifier that the clans truly united. Today all clan members, whether major clan or minor clan, have the right to speak freely in the Thing (people's council). Although each cymbroghi is free of its destiny, the Cymbroghi is, more specifically, represented by the Restricted Thing gathering the representatives of each specialty (warrior, diplomat, doctor, shaman,...) as well as the leader of each clan .

Through their shamans, the cymbroghis follow the Totemic Entities. The four totems, Kfar, Stigmatus, Oceanos and Cornelius each represent facets of humanity. They are guides with their strengths and weaknesses like the Cymbroghi people they have chosen to defend the freedom of all.

Fierce and powerful warriors, cymbroghis march to battle to the sound of their motto "Live Free or Die". They are particularly fond of the ax and the shield forming a veritable wall on the battlefield. Despite holding a deep grudge, they are staunch allies who know the meaning of honor and speak their minds to those who earn their respect.

Far from being the "barbarians" that we imagine, the cymbroghis have a sense of commerce and master many fields such as magic, crafts or medicine (especially experimental).

Having easy contact, they welcome among them, anyone who thirsts for freedom.



The Lynx are a clan from the southern mountains of Mainorat. They lived there in relative peace, hunting and trading with neighboring peoples (Dwarfs, Baronies, Empire Mulkesh, pirates...).


Then a massive drought in their territory forced them to migrate to the shores. Then onto Kandorya. But the trip cost their Jarl their life... A warrior took over the leadership of the Lynx and decided to make it a nomadic clan.


Since then, they have become efficient traders, explorers and craftsmen. Their talents are varied thanks to the wide cultural and religious openness of the clan.

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