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La guilde du Rastor est née lorsqu'un groupe d'aventuriers captura Argus, un rastor.
La compagnie se lança dans le mercenariat, ce qui les conduisit jusqu'en Kandorya. Après un temps avec la compagnie Grand Griffe, la guilde fonda son propre camp avec ses alliés.
Au fil du temps et du recrutement, le camp du Rastor devint une compagnie reconnue sur l'Île. L’organisation est de type militaire : le camp est dirigé par le chef de la guilde, entouré d’un conseil de guerre (les chefs de chaque clan et du diplomate en chef). Chaque cœur de métier
a son représentant au sein du camp.


Aujourd'hui, plusieurs clans constituent la guilde du rastor : le clan du rastor, le clan McNeil (Caedern), la famille rast'orc (orcs), et les aigles de bataille.



The Lynx are a clan from the southern mountains of Mainorat. They lived there in relative peace, hunting and trading with neighboring peoples (Dwarfs, Baronies, Empire Mulkesh, pirates...).


Then a massive drought in their territory forced them to migrate to the shores. Then onto Kandorya. But the trip cost their Jarl their life... A warrior took over the leadership of the Lynx and decided to make it a nomadic clan.


Since then, they have become efficient traders, explorers and craftsmen. Their talents are varied thanks to the wide cultural and religious openness of the clan.



The Blood Peak clan owes its name to a sad story that occurred shortly after it settled on Kandorya.


Initially, the members of this clan were from the Laksefiske clan, whose village was at the foot of the Mainorat d'Orya mountains, bordering a lake. During the colonization, an expedition left to settle on the new continent in order to find an escape from the Mulkesh invasion.


After long weeks of travel, the group found a peaceful place by a lake and on the side of a solitary peak. After a few months, the settlers had built a real village, returning to their old habits. But this precarious peace did not last. Orcs, numerous, brutal, launched raids more and more violent until the day when the defenses gave way. The dead were numerous and the few survivors had to embark on a long journey to reach Traskavtroll. Since then, the clan has been doing its best to rebuild itself, but it will never forget the massacre at the Solitary Peak.


The Blood Peak clan is mostly made up of artisans, but it also has great warriors in its ranks. Following the long pilgrimage, the members of the clan are very close and have great confidence in each other.

Since the death of Chief Osbern, there is no longer a single chief.

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