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Founded in 1251, Clan Rylyn'Dar displays a standard with a two-headed hydra, representing the two iconic twin sisters. Eager to start their own family, they offered a banner to all the scum and other forgotten souls. As soon as they arrived on the island with their son, they knew how to prove themselves and find their place in this world. If the first goal of the clan is the acquisition of knowledge, it is lately oriented towards the reunion of the greatest number of their own, especially since Orya has been announced as destroyed: it is good to preserve the species.

However, within this clan formed by the Orlyn'Dar family, there are many colorful characters from other races, with varied origins who have rallied their cause around the interests of this family. And who have, for the most part, sworn to them to always defend their values. Since being disowned by Taldriirn the Usurper, the majority have turned to the ways of the Great Mother Goddess "Sepheria" upon her awakening, continuing to honor their original spirits. Many of them have sea legs, and are enrolled in the Quilnar fleet, which constantly sails off the island... Perpetually on the move, it is easier to meet their matriarch at the Primal camp.

Trolls are among the oldest creatures that have populated Orya. Previously underground, they rose to the surface several thousand years ago. Their first appearance in Kandorya dates from 1255.
The reasons for their coming to Kandorya would be due to a lost heritage that they are trying to find...
Social and political organization
The faction is made up of 5 troll clans, with a leader per tribe, each of which has its own specificities: fiery clan, island clan, plains clan, dark clan, and forest clan. The cannibalistic practices of the trolls led them to leave aside a royalist regime, too heavy for the stomach, for a council composed of 4 members elected by ax and spear.
Unlike their cousins, trolls are open to collaborating with certain humans…

religious organization

Trolls pray to one of the animal facets of Sepheria, called Vatea, and sometimes to the Goddess herself. They also call on a wide range of spirits from their ancestors to provide them with strength and wisdom.
It seems that the bravest among them practice voodoo, not hesitating to sacrifice all sorts of things...
Bond with the Primals
Upon arrival in Kandorya, most trolls have joined the Primal side. They have strong ties with the orcs, considered brothers in arms, as well as with the ogres, for their common culinary tastes.


Over the winds that caress the world, we sometimes come across intrepid adventurers, alone or in small groups. A song on their lips and a book in hand, the Courriers de Longuelarmes travel the world to listen, inform, transmit. Messengers and merchants of information, they will carry any message, any information, and defend it with their lives for a small fee, carefully guarding all the secrets entrusted to them.


Memories, love letters, messages of strategic importance, any word entrusted to them is sacred, and its secret will remain well guarded. Neither typhoons on the seas, nor earthquakes on land, nor the end of the world and of all living things can divert these courageous messengers from their mission.

Mainly black and white elves, they seem to accept all races in their ranks, and even humans, because for them, as long as you can run, you can be courier!


Under the protection of Mirage, goddess of the Arts and Liberty, and the direction of Duke Umrauth de Longuelarmes, they run ever faster towards a future where the whole world is within arm's reach, for the powerful and the needy alike.


“Neither rain, nor winds, nor flames, nor the darkest of nights can stop a courier in his tracks!”



When Orya was destroyed, we Sprites fled the forests to scatter across the world. Some of us have arrived as far as Kandorya, and it is among the Primals, our brothers and our sisters that we have taken refuge, for the most part.

Among the primals, we bring innocence, kindness, pranks and laughs. We are adorned with a multitude of colors and good humor.

We never part with our striped socks, who knows why?

We do not like violence, but will never be subject to the world of humans. On the other hand, we love to eat and drink, no matter what, because our curiosity is limitless and strangely incoherent.

Besides, expect to see us frolicking in the plain, mead in hand, not that we are alcoholics, we just like good things. Expect us to crack jokes, magic strawberries in hand, not that we're bad, we just like to laugh.

Ha and then, we are children of the mother of all mothers, Sépheria, the last born. As such, the primals guard us like precious jewels. But let's get it, we love playing tricks on other primals, especially elves, we love pissing them off.

If you too, little elf, are lost, you will have to go to the primal camp to find us.


The Elven people are known to be one of the primal peoples, and among the wisest that live on this land. Mainly originating from the kingdoms of Lyn'Elenos and Eothir, in Orya, the majority are today scattered in the four corners of Kandorya. A part of them decided to unite within the primal horde, and this to guarantee the survival of their people.

Closely bonded, Elves will almost always put the life of a sibling before another member of the primal horde, and a member of that horde before any outsider not belonging to these two. groups. Thus, they form a kind of big family that it is very dangerous to threaten.

If the Elves are anchored and attached to their traditions, these are so numerous that it is impossible to list them all. All the same, we find in common the love for Aënëa, the “facet” of Séphérie representing nature and the vegetable kingdom. It also teaches the love of every life and every living being, which does not mean that they are harmless and incapable of fighting. Don't believe them incapable of plotting or manipulating either, that would be underestimating them. Another very common trait is the desire for perfection that many seek in everything, whether in weapons, scholarship, science or any other subject.

The elves of the primal horde are currently a large, evolving group whose structures are slowly taking shape, hoping to restore them to their former greatness. Each new elf is welcomed there with open arms… if they respect the traditions and ways of life of the horde and the elves already present.


What about the Duergard?  What do we know of them?
Both full and few things.
We know that they are originally a dark-skinned dwarf people. According to them, all the dwarves were black at creation and those who came to the surface have whitened over the generations.
They are strong believers in the dwarven pantheon, but revere what they call the "Highs" of illustrious ancestors.
They are eager for knowledge and possession, crafty by nature they always end up having the object of their desire.
But despite these faults, they are very loyal to each other and to their word, playful and good natured, they will be the best allies as friends.
Although rumors state that they eat everything except black dwarf, they sometimes recognize the usefulness of a person and adopt it whatever the race of origin of this person it will be considered as Duergars by them.
Although they are ruled by a king, they are a fairly free people. Leaders are elected for life by the entire population, including adoptees.
But what are their rituals? Their customs?
No one knows without being adopted or still alive. Full of secrets still hover over these people, maybe you will have the chance to extract information from them? But a piece of advice: arm yourself with courage and something to negotiate with them because they can bring you a lot as well as take you a lot more if you try to overtake them.

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