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Several measures have been put in place to ensure your safety on the playground. If necessary, do not hesitate to approach one of these structures so that they can provide you with assistance.


Several Devices for your Security


- The PC Orga is the nerve center of all the organizers in the field

- A permanence is ensured at variable times according to the events

- You can find assistance to trigger rescue if necessary

- If the PC Orga is closed, direct to the other rescue points or call the GN emergency number if there is an emergency (there is always an organizer on duty in the field)

- GN Emergency Number (during events): 07-86-92-78-78 (see below)

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- The First Aid Station is provided by the French First Aid Center 49

- They are present throughout the game 24 hours a day

- They also travel regularly to the field to prevent any incident that would require their intervention

-First responders are the first point of contact in the event of an incident. They will assess the situation and, depending on the situation, take charge on site or call on outside help (firefighters, SAMU, etc.)

- They are trained in physical and psychological first aid

Composed of qualified volunteer first aiders, the teams are formed throughout the year. They are first aiders, first aiders, logisticians, doctors or nurses… and provide their knowledge, skills and know-how to provide first aid to victims in collaboration with the SAMU.



- The "Safe Zones" are places outside the game that allow you to exit directly from the game in progress

- The volunteers who set up these Zones are participants who wish to give their time to welcome

playerswho require immediate listening, who feel psychological fatigue requiring their withdrawal from the game.

- The "Safe Zones" are places of fallback for anyone who feels vulnerable at some point in the game

- Initiated by the "Initiatives" collective, all of the "Safe Zones" are integrated into the general system and are in direct contact with a dedicated organizer and, if necessary, with the Rescue Station on site.

The referees

- They ensure compliance with the rules of the game and especially the smooth running of battles

- The referees also move regularly on the field for security (especially that of the camps)

- They pay particular attention to devices linked to lights.

- They can be called upon for any triggering of physical or psychological assistance. They will then be able to contact and facilitate the arrival of first aid in the best conditions.

- Do not hesitate to contact them directly in the field to report any problem

- They are easily identifiable with their White "ARBITRAGE" T-Shirt



- If the Organizers are often on the ground and ensure the Game, they are nonetheless qualified people

to alert to trigger an intervention if necessary.

- Do not hesitate to turn to the Organizers for the slightest security problem. They will trigger the appropriate devices, depending on the situation.

- Locate your Camp Organizer(s) from the start of the game

- If you do not have a dedicated Camp Organizer, locate the Mobile Organizers or turn to the Referees, who are very present on the ground.

- The Team is currently working on better identification of the Organizers (Armbands) so that everyone can recognize them more easily when they are in costume.


The GN Emergency Number


- This number should only be used in an emergency

- Guard is provided 24 hours a day by a Guard Organizer who can respond to emergency calls on

the field throughout the event

- If one of the devices is not available and an emergency is necessary, do not hesitate to dial the number and seek the help of the On-call Organizer

- This number is active from the beginning to the end of the event

- As a reminder, this Number will soon be integrated into the Character sheet that each participant has in the Game



- The First Aid Station involves, when necessary, the nearby emergency services (Firefighters, SAMU, etc.)

- This can lead to an evacuation to Angers Hospital or Emergencies if necessary

- Attention: As with any demonstration, when a presentation to the hospital is necessary, it is only carried out by Ambulance or by VSAB / VSAV in the event of an emergency . Evacuation by Ambulance is therefore not systematic.

- The organization is not authorized to organize transport to hospitals

- When you witness a situation that requires an external rescue intervention, be sure to always notify the Rescue Station, a Referee, an Organizer who will be able to direct you to the correct triggering protocol.

- If you request external help yourself, the latter may not be correctly oriented (protocol for receiving help, naming the site, evacuation protocol), or not having the necessary medical advice. the proper care of a possible victim

- Only the CFS 49 Rescue Station is qualified to trigger external rescue



- The Organization is in contact whenever necessary with the local Gendarmerie (of St Georges sur Loire)

and by the way

- Do not hesitate to contact the Organization (PC Orga, Referees, Organizers, GN Emergency Number) if you

think that a situation requires the immediate request of the Gendarmerie

- The Organization will trigger their intervention immediately if a situation cannot be resolved by the security measures in place or if a situation involves a criminal offense

- The Organization accompanies any report of criminal offense on the ground and is there to facilitate your steps, if you wish.

- The Organization can only give certain information (identity, address, contact of certain participants for example...) to the competent authorities and is not authorized to transmit this information to other participants even if these people are victims of an offense

- In fact, do not hesitate to contact the Organization for any formalities; filing of complaints or other. The organization will accompany you and will be at the disposal of the competent authorities, if necessary, as it has always done since the creation of the event.

- As for any other event, it would not be possible, on the other hand, to ask the Organization to replace the role of the Gendarmerie or the Justice


New arrangements in progress...

Video surveillance

- For some time now, the Organization has been studying, in collaboration with the owners and the competent authorities,

 the installation of a CCTV system in certain areasof the site

- The objective is to be able to provide a tool for prevention and protection upstream, but also for identification

additional in the event of an incident

- Only authorized persons will have access to the images and these will not be kept for more than one month, in accordance with the law

- No image or video of this device will be used for communication purposes, its only role being that of Security

- This system will see the light of day by 2021/2022, after prefectural authorization.

- To follow up on the intrusion and deliberate damage to the playground in 2019, permanent video surveillance is also in place outside of events to safeguard installations. The trial phase is currently launched for video surveillance outside of events

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