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Economy, explorations and wars

In parallel with the awakenings of deities and entities with prodigious forces, the colonists of Orya strive to develop, explore and conquer the new lands discovered. From these lands were born Empires, the best known of which are the Protectorate, the Pact of the Levant Empires and the Federation. These Empires all had their peak before falling. 

Opposite the map of the South of Kandorya in this 11th year. 


Year 11 - History is written

No one knows what the future holds for us.

Year 11 - History is written

No one knows what the future holds for us.

Year 11 - History is written

No one knows what the future holds for us.

Year 10 - Split of the Federation

This year marks the end of The Federation with its split into 3 kingdoms  and a tragedy within the Protectorate with the death of its  Duke. 

Year 10 - Split of the Federation

This year marks the end of The Federation with its split into 3 kingdoms  and a tragedy within the Protectorate with the death of its  Duke. 

Year 9 - The  war of the 2 emperors

The Eturian Emperor and the Federation Emperor waged all-out war over the territories of Gloria Denea, Quiquosternum, and Prima Lucem. 

Apart from this conflict, the kingdom of Blanche Cîme was founded in the North and Elia'Is Pragma reappeared on the territory of Tal'Kanos. 

In the North-West, 4 territories were discovered  by explorers and the first settlers are already heading there in order to develop these new lands. 

Year 8 - The Mulkesh Invasion in the North

The Mulkesh forces galvanized by the announcement of the release of the Emperor-God invaded a part of the North of the island. 
Further south, Crosuys began raising armies on the world of Kandorya with which he conquered Primo territory.
The Empire of Sinseiko was split into 3 parts: Draconic, Rastor and Protectorate.
The General Merchants were founded to develop the economy of the island.

Year 7 - The Federation Empire

The already powerful Federation became an Empire in the East of the island by uniting the White Flames, the Pirates, the Children of Ashes, the High Beacon, Vendavel and many others. It was at the head of more than 20 fiefdoms that Wyatt "Mad Dogg" Holdedger was named Emperor of The Federation. 
At the same time, the Shinseiko territories separated from the Pact of the Levant Empires and lost many of their leaders during the great Summer Fair.
The Abatuccis also made their appearance although we do not know precisely their power.

Year 6 - The Fall of the Flower

In these troubled times when the Green Evil threatened from all sides, the Pact of the Levant Empires wanted to bring the Federation to heel, so they launched an attack against Vendavel in order to capture its leaders. The fight began between the 2 great armies, but faced with an announced defeat, Fleur Äerthon decided to surrender and ceded 4 territories to the winners. 
During the summer, the White Flames conquer the last territory under the authority of the Queen of Kandorya: Elia'Is Pragma.

Year 5 - Coalition against the Protectorate

The armed forces of the Pact of the Levant Empires and the Federation allied against the Protectorate causing a large defeat of the latter by leaving him only one territory. 
This is the year that saw the most territorial conquests with 13 territories conquered with the participation of almost all of the island's armed forces.

Year 4 - The Arcanium Invasion

The Protectorate and the Pact of the Levant Empires each attacked the poorly protected territories of the Arcanium on their own. 
For its part, The Federation took possession of the elven and pirate territories on the east coast.

Year 3 - Peripheral wars

No major conflict was noted, most nations developed economically. The only territorial conquest was carried out by the pirates on the Aodren lands to the east of the island. A conflict also opposed the Elves and the White Flames to the southeast of the island, but the Elves returned the territory to the White Flames after its conquest. 

Year 2 - The Looting of Red Rocks

A large part of the settlers attacked the fort of the Black Lys Protectorate during the great fair and launched a parallel attack on the territory of Roches Rouges. 

The appearance of the Void greatly disturbed the armed forces, which could not carry out large-scale campaigns. Despite these disturbances, the settlers discovered  new territories. 

From this year, no more supplies will come from Orya, leaving Kandorya's economy in autarky. 

Year 1 - The discovery of Kandorya


Thus, we, Merchant Guild, named it, this island which we discovered.  Our ships were the first to find it and dock there. The counter is set up, a free city is gradually born. Powers and kingdoms have now sent their own ships. We knew it was only a matter of time, before these lands were coveted... The sails have darkened the horizon for a few hours... Trade will soon be flourishing...
My eyes scan the ocean. I see the colors of King Andegréal II,
  ruler of the Marches of Aetheor, those of the Empire of Shinseiko, the circles of Mesalena, certain Baronies of Soriak, Sarin'Dol and HACCOS. I also see the sails of the Clan of Caeydern, some ships of the Nine Sails, the colors of Trigan... So many nations... And I also see pirate flags, and ships that I don't know how to identify, mercenaries, some factions that I don't know. I will not know, maybe...
The Mayor has been appointed, and he sort of reigns over the city, enforcing a minimum of authority. With the arrival of these ships, he may have a lot to do. He has already appointed some stewards, who will be responsible for organizing the camps.

Following the appearance of the island of Kandorya, all the nations, guilds, various organizations of Orya hastened to build ships or pay transportation to go to these lands.
Some leave for Kandorya in the hope of making a new start in life, others, rejected by their peers for various reasons, be they political, religious or other, hope to find the land of welcome they so hoped for. A few others still go there for mystical or religious reasons, or out of a thirst for knowledge; and of course, there are also treasure seekers, explorers...
Some are on official business, others are not.
After several months of travel, the ships are in sight of the coasts of Kandorya, and all disembark on the few accessible beaches. It's been a day or two since the landing began, the camps are set up, the nations grouping together by affinity and culture, and under the leadership of the Mayor.
Indeed, in the eye of the storm,
  is the "city" of the Mayor, installed a little before the arrival of the bulk of the fleet. Shops have opened, taverns too, a militia is present...and if there are still a few free places, which can allow newcomers to settle and start a business, this young town is the Orya's anchor; a place where you can spend your finds, a place where you can find the essentials.

And when we turn our gaze towards the unknown, we see facing this castle of unknown architecture, rolling plains, forest, sometimes, in the distance, a large column of smoke, a sign of the presence of a or more volcanoes.

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