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From July 13 to 17, 2022

Resell his place?

When you register for the GN the Chronicles of Kandorya or on an Inter-Kandorya, you firmly commit to participating in this event.

In accordance with Article L 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, Tickets are not subject to a right of withdrawal. All orders are firm and final.


If, however, it is no longer possible for you to come to the LARP, you still have the option of reselling your PLAYER or JUNIOR ticket to a new buyer.

How to proceed ?
* It's up to you to make your arrangement with the new buyer. GN-Aventures does not intervene in any way in the transaction or in the price of the ticket. Decide together who will pay the application fees.
* When the sale is made, pay yourself (or the buyer. It's up to you to agree together) the administration fees by logging on to the ticket office of the event concerned under the "Application fees" tab.

* It is no longer necessary to notify GN-Aventures, all the information being collected on the form that you will have to fill in when paying the administration fees

* The handling fees depend on when you change seats. The earlier you do it, the lower the processing fees.

Your old ticket will then be canceled and a receipt will be issued in the name of the person who paid the administration fees. Then, a new ticket will be sent to the buyer, generally within 15 days before the event, all ticket transfers being processed at the same time at the end of the opening of the ticket office.


It is not possible to resell an INVITATION, EXHIBITOR, DOG, PNJ or PJA ticket.

No change of ticket will be accepted on the spot even with the application fee.

It is possible to change tickets up to 1 month before the ticket office closes. The booking fee option is withdrawn from the ticket office 1 month before it closes. We no longer accept seat changes. Find out about the closing dates of the ticket office on the page dedicated to each event in the EVENTS tab

Do not hesitate to contact us on for any additional request on the Resale of places.


GN-Aventures disclaims all liability regarding the resale of tickets for its events and invites buyers to check the validity of the tickets offered to them.

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