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From July 13 to 17, 2022

When you begin your stay in Kandorya for the first time, it's important to know where your character will evolve. Each Tribe gathers few clans or groups that you may join to share a common story. You can also create a new clan in a tribe if many players joined your for the same cause.

The tribe you choose will determine also the physical location where you will pitch your tent. Make a good choice and defend your tribe ! 


And if I want to play a NPC ?

You can also take part in the Chronicles of Kandorya as a NPC (Non Player Character) and integrate a group directly related to the Organisation to bring game to players. Some tribes are only dedicated to NPC : "Les Mulkeshs" or "Le Vide" (NPC Action) ; armed tribes. But you can also play as a NPC "Ambiance" in order to play characters that will guide players to various quests and where the atmosphere takes precedence over action.

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