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The island of Kandorya was discovered and the colonists installed the first boats in a natural harbor located in the mouth of a river. Shacks were built there, and later Merchant Guild houses and structures. Edenorya was born...



The company was part of a disciplinary and penitentiary battalion in the pay of the Guild of Merchants who founded it. This model of company made up of ex-convicts has a history that is already almost two centuries old, undoubtedly haloed with great victories as well as dark defeats...


Now she is Edenorya's armed fist, at the behest of the city council. Composed of cheap soldiers with a dubious past, but subjected to the strictest military discipline, the Garrison has the task of defending the city against its external enemies, and of looking after its interests militarily.


Faced with the thousand dangers that await the settlers of the Island of Kandorya, the Garrison will use all means, even the most unexpected, to defend the interests of the city and its citizens.


Beyond the game, above all we want to bring together a group of very motivated and friendly players to share an unforgettable and exotic long weekend. Lots of good humor, songs, long evenings celebrating together, active participation by everyone in camp life. We are not looking for a group that takes itself too seriously, but above all a happy group of friends who can enjoy all aspects of the game at their own pace and according to their desires.

The group is largely made up of former players, most of whom already know each other, but also young players who are new to LARP.

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