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Orya is the continent from which the vast majority of the people of Kandorya originate.

Its history is known in detail over 1200 years and it is bordered by other large continents to the south and behind the mountain range to the west.  

It is almost impossible to get to Orya these days due to the lack of a safe way to get there but also the great destruction it has experienced recently.

The descriptions below are given as an indication in order to better understand where the characters of Kandorya come from. 


Orya's Timeline

The main milestones in the history of Orya

100  : The Kingdom of Lormack is established in the great western mountain range.

107  : Foundations of the towers of Mesalena  : Akioch, Kemorne, Fangor and Honusis. They will later be known as the Circles of Mesalena.

143  : Kaz Durum, great dwarven city is built.

145  : Dun'Tor Ant'Neor, dark elf, founds the eponymous city.

152  : The first Four Grand Masters of Mesalena pass away, and their successors take office.

160  : The humans discover the kingdom of Lin'Elenos. This forest  is now the land of the elves.

165: Kaz Morak, great dwarven city is built.

172  : First orc attacks on the City of Dun'Tor.

190  : The City of Dun' Tor is now surrounded by 2 walls.

200: The earth shakes, the outer wall of Kaz Morak is partly destroyed.

215  : First Imperial Dynasty of Shinseiko.

250  : - Birth of the Clan of the Nine Veils.

        - The Tower of Kemorne is under attack from strange and supernatural creatures. The Tower wins with his knowledge of magic.

        -  "  The Dark Year  »  : the underground kingdoms are deprived of any source of natural light (lichens…).

272  : Non-aggression pact between the empire of Shinseïko and the people of Lin'Elenos.

273  : Foundation of Aliéran, capital of the Marches of Aëthéor.

298  : Lormack's orcs have successfully penetrated the first enclosure of the City of Dun'Tor.

300  : - The  six peoples of the ancient glacial valley of the Sarinack decide to regroup, under the aegis of a "  peoples council  ". They will eventually become the people of Sarin'Dol.

        - Raids of the orcs of Lormack on the neighboring human villages (Tower of Akioch, Marches d'Aëthéor…). They settle a little more in the plains and are accompanied by Goblins.

315/320  : An unknown disease descends on Orya.

322  : - The Shinseiko Empire implements a fortification policy. Creation of the Great Wall of Shìn which protects all the coasts of the kingdom.

         - Death of the protector of the city of Dun'Tor, during an orc attack.

324  : - A council now rules the City of Dun'Tor.

        - Creation of the Dwarf Council, election of High King Khimgrin Iron Head.

330  :-"  The peoples council  of Sarinack had a wall built, with an enormous gate in the center The creation of the  Passage of the Gods  will take 50 years.

          - Slave trading is permitted within the City of Dun'Tor.

350  : The Huwanhei, First Nave Manor of Nine Sails, sets sail. This ship has 6 decks, is over 600 feet long and 250 wide.

385  : - The City of Sarin'Dol is founded.

         - Great war between Shinseiko Empire and Mulkesh Empire.

400  : the dwarf High King adopts the Pang Tar Zak, an initiatory rite of passage to adulthood.

420  :- The Tower of Akioch is attacked by an Orc horde.

        - The construction of the Tower of the Sages of Sarin'Dol begins. The Slab is uncovered.

467  : New orc attack on the City of Dun'Tor.

470  : Inhabitants of the colonies revolt. Hundreds of people flee the Mulkeshite yoke, and seek refuge.

480  : A patrol of  fourteen scouts of Lin'Elenos disappears near the border with the territories of Lormack.

484  : Opening, within Sarin'Dol,  of the gates of Pagolos, which has become the largest known library to date.

485  : Creation of the Cercle des Aris de Sarin'Dol.

499: Those who fled Mulkesh's enslavement are now settled. They crossed the Marches and made the Territories of Mainorat their lands. First clashes between the Marches of Aéthëor and the Territories of Mainorat.

500  : - Pact between the Marches of Aetheor and the Kingdom of Sarin Dol.

        - Lormack orcs' lightning raids on the Medjays.

        - Maritime conflicts between pirates and ships of the Clans of the Nine Sails.

        - The Clans of Mainorat liberate Kot Jabar, a dwarven city, from the yoke of the orcs.

555  : The Council of Dun'Tor decides to launch  an expedition against the orcs.

567  : Commercial alliance between Shinseiko and  some  Clans of the Nine Veils.

586  : Opening of a spice route in partnership between the Medjay and Shinseiko peoples.

591  : Foundation of Kaz Durin, a dwarven city, in the Durdinis Mountains.

599  : - Truce and establishment of a peace between the Marches D'Aéthëor and Mainorat.

        - Trigo, Brag and Vlud found the city of Trigan.

600  : - Mulkesh invades the island of Shaètaïn, land of the Marches of Aëthéor.

        - The Tooth of Iron, great Orc City, is founded.

        - Mulkesh invades the south of the Shinseiko Empire. Years of more or less serious conflict followed. One of the Nine Veils disappears.

6??  : The Clan of Caeydern is established.

645  : Return of the Dark Elf Expedition. The orc outpost is destroyed.

Before 647: The peninsula of present-day Eturia is made up of four countries: Veronnia, Baklan, Miryath and Yanesh. These countries, relatively close culturally, prosper through trade. Alliances are born between them.

650  : Confrontation between the Orcs and the Territories of Mainorat.

653: The Mulkeshite Empire has now annexed Veronnia, Baklan, Miryath and Yanesh. The Province of Eturia is created.

699  : The disease that affects some members of the nine Veils is now known to all.

700  : The Orcs of Lormack repel the onslaught of Mulkesh.

712  : End of the Civil War in the lands of Caeydern.

725: The Province of Eturia experiences a period of scarcity. Riots break out in the region of Yanesh, quickly suppressed by the Mulkeshite army.

        - The Merchant Guild has chartered several ships for the Yanesh region, thus allowing the survival of several thousand inhabitants.

727  : The Guild of the Four Arrows, representing the Circles of Mesalena, offers potions, scrolls, books, throughout the continent.

736: Lego is proclaimed First Emperor of Trigan.

750  : Clashes between the Territories of Mainorat and Sarin'Dol.

760  : Violent attack of Dark Elves on the Province of Eturia. Residents revolt against  the absence of  reaction of the Mulkeshite armies, rebellion once again quickly repressed.

770  : Alliance of a Clan Medjay with one of the Clans of the Nine Veils.

797  : Caeydern fends off Mulkesh's attempted invasion.

800  : Regular clashes  between dark elves, dwarves and orcs.

801  : The Great Famine which strikes Eturia ends, after 7 long years.

        - The Merchant Guild allowed the sharing and circulation of the few remaining foodstuffs.

830  : Following a deterioration in relations with the Territories of Mainorat, defensive fortifications are set up north of the Marches.

857  : Certain fortifications of the Marches fall under the assaults of the peoples of Mainorat.

860  : A few Aris return defeated to the City of Sarin'Dol. Attempts to intrude into the Medjay desert are a failure. Survivors have reported a Dwarven military faction alongside the Medjay.

900: - Orya experiences an exceptionally dry summer.

        - War is declared between the forces of Eturia, led by Mialtus Jonatès Thorence, and the Mulkeshite armies.

        - Massive arrival of orcs in the Kingdom of Lormak.

903  : The Empire of Shinseiko retakes some of its lands, invaded by Mulkesh.

904  :- The armies of Mulkesh are defeated. Eturia is now a free province. Mialtus Jonatès Thorence is appointed Grand Consul of the new Republic of Eturia. His legions become the new Republican Guard of Eturia.

         - Dwarven factions pursue the survivors of Mulkesh's armies.

915  : Beginning of the Long War, between the Empire of Mulkesh and the Republic of Eturia.

933  : End of the Long War between Mulkesh and Eturia.

934  : - The first elf ships set sail.

       - The Empire of Mialtus replaces the Republic of Eturia. Darivelle, capital of the Empire, is founded. The Republican Guard becomes the Praetorian Guard.

935  : Discovery of the secret of the Blazing Forge by the dwarf blacksmith Erzek the Dark.

940  : The Fist of Earth is forged. This weapon becomes the symbol of the Dwarf King's Champion.

946  :- Death of Emperor Mialtus. His son, Arcotius, succeeded him at the head of the Empire of Maltius.

        - Assassination of the dwarf blacksmith Erzek the Dark, and his apprentices.

950:  The Crimson Guild, an organization that tried to undermine the monetary system set up by the Merchant Guild, paid dearly for its attempts. A fire ravaged its warehouses, and its members were all put to the sword.

951  : The Republic of Eturia is again proclaimed, replacing the Empire of Mialtus.

958  : - The assaults of Mainorat's barbarians on the Marches are more and more frequent, and are advancing inland.

        - A battalion of the Shinseiko Empire goes to elven territory.

970  :- Strange creatures are seen near the Towers (half-horse, half-eagle creatures near Kemorne, giant octopuses near Fangor, hideous constructs near Akioch and giant insects in the desert near Honoris).

        - Raising of the Host by the Baron of Soriak against a barbarian assembly north of the Marches of Aëthéor, and victory of this army.

        - Flight of the Earth Fist. The reigning Champion of the Dwarven High King is banished.

975  : The Baronnies are distributed by the High Baron of Soriak.

982  : The Dwarves officially accuse the Towers of Mesalena of being behind the theft of the Fist of the Earth, the symbol weapon of the champion of the King of the Dwarves.

995  : - Symkorn Pass Fortress in the Baronies is complete. It closes the only valley that allows you to come and go in the territories even further north.

        - Beginning of the conflicts between the Baronies of Soriak and Mainorat.

998  :- The Republic of Eturia establishes some colonies on lands of the Empire of Mulkesh.

         - Lucrezia, high priestess of Antinea, arrives  in Trigan.

1000  : Wolf riders from the Kingdom of Lormack inflict a severe defeat on the elves of Lin'elenos.

1002  : - The capital of the Baronies of Soriak, Torensdil, is finished, just in time to resist an assault of barbarians who came by boat. The High Baron then orders  the creation of shipyards.

           - Trigan  falls under Medjay's nocturnal assault, Lucretius opens the doors. The Medjay settle. Lucrezia takes the direction of the city, alongside Yaro.

1003  : - Signing of a non-aggression treaty between the fleets of the Marches and that of the Kingdom of Lin'Elenos.

          - Signing of a maritime non-aggression treaty between the Kingdom of Lin'Elenos and the Empire of Shinseiko.

          - "  The great return  »  ; All of the Aris return to Sarin'Dol, the Passage of the Gods, the great wall separating the Kingdom of Sarin'Dol from the Marches of Aëtheor,  is, for the first time, closed.

1004: The cults of Nocteon and Antinea are in full expansion in the empire of Trigan.

1010  : A free port, Emantorn, is established on Caeydern. All are welcome, as long as they are not wanted on clan lands.

1012: Total solar eclipse

1018: Trigan is reorganized around the church of Antinea and the armed church of Noctéon.

1027  : Foundation of the Order of the Blade of Shadow, which is in charge of the protection of the fortress of Symkorn. This order, which includes only volunteers, requires a lifetime commitment. Knights without land or having lost their honor often choose this path.

1030  : Signing of an act of peace between the kingdom of Lin'Elenos and the clans of the Nine Veils

1050  : Sarin'Dol reopens the Passage of the Gods.

1068  : An agreement has been made between the Baronies of Soriak and a clan of the Nine Veils. The Witchmuk peninsula is now a colony of the Nine Veils and a trading post for a 50-year, renewable concession.

1076  : Brawls and aggression between the Medjay and the occupants of Honusis.

1078  : The Athrosh peninsula is conquered by 5 Barons who settle there.

1080  : - After years of closure and protectionism, Sarin'Dol now welcomes foreign embassies within its City, as well as a few guilds, the most notable of which is the Merchant Guild.

          - The Empire of Shinseiko accepts within Hiyaté, its capital, an embassy of Sarin'Dol.

1082  : Alliance between Sarin'Dol and the Territories of Mainorat.

1084:  In Trigan, the charges of the 2 masters of each church are created. The church of Antinea would be led by Lucrecia and Viciosa, while the armed church of Nocteon would be in the hands of  Dominion and Necromion.

1100  :- The Republic of Eturia sends a fleet in retaliation against the pirates. We learn of the disappearance of a Clan of the Nine Veils. The Clans of the Nine Sails keep their name, but are now only 7. In the years that followed, convoys of merchant ships from the Republic of Eturia were often the target of attacks at sea.

          - Alliance between the orcs of Lormack and the clans of Mainorat to fight the knights of Soriak.

1108  : Honusis, Tower of Mesalena, welcomes for the first time a dwarf apprentice within its walls.

1120:  Agreement was given to the Merchants' Guild to raise its own army, just like a nation or a kingdom. To date, it is the only guild with this feature. With a fleet and thousands of caravans, it employs hundreds of people from each nation of Orya. Where a counter is set up, it is done with the agreement or the participation of the Guild. Strong of its political supports on all the continent, no nation thus tries to obstruct the good functioning of the Guild of Merchants.

1123  : Great Naval Battle between Mulkesh's Fleet and the Gathered Nine Sails Clans. The losses are heavy, but no one emerges victorious.

          - Only Merchant Guild ships continue to use this sea route.

1125: Beginning of 5 years of war between Lin'Elenos and Trigan.

1145  : Several trading posts are set up, via the Clans of the Nine Veils.

1146: Massive invasion of rats in the city of Trigan.

1151: Battle of Black Marsh between Orcs and Elves

1157  : Inauguration of four shipyards by Andrégeal I, King of the Marches of Aéthëor.

1164  : The Clans of the Nine Veils set up, following commercial agreements, concessions in the Baronies of Soriak, the Medjay desert, the Caeydern clans.

1171  : A dwarven delegation goes to the baronies of Soriak.

1184: The Dominion Calorkz launches the attack of Trigan against the territories of Lormak, this war will last 15 years.

1186  : The Tower of Fangor makes agreements with a clan of the Nine Veils for the supply over several years of basic necessities such as wood, steel, parchments, etc…

1189  : - End of the line of "  Thorence  at the head of the Republic of Eturia. Mialtus Heredias says Mialtus III takes power. This is the beginning of the line of "  Heredias  ".

           - Beginning of a 20-year war between orcs and dwarves.

1199: Trigan and Lormack cease their war to fight against the hordes of undead

1200  : Commercial exchange between the Orcs of Lormack and Trigan.

1204  : Maritime clashes between Mainorat and the Baronnies.

1205  :- Republic of Eturia conquers  the Mulkeshite lands where Kemorne is located. However, the attempt to subdue the Tower of Kemorne ends in failure.

          - Scandal  at Trigan, revelation of the existence of secret orders within each church.

1220: Dominion Krometz 1st and Lucrecia Altéa II come to power.

1223  : Battle of Thao Shinko  - Clashes between the Shinseiko fleet and the Nine Veils Clans. Victory of the Clans of the Nine Veils.

1239  : The High Baron of Soriak has ordered the construction of many ships.

1240  : - A large naval construction campaign is launched within the Marches of Aetheor.

          - First conflicts between the dwarves and the Clan of Caeydern, in the iron mines of the Durdinis Mountains.

          - The Dwarven Citadel of Kaz Morak disappears in an earthquake.

          - Birth of the State of Caedeyrn.

1242  : Maltius IV is the new Emperor of the Republic of Eturia.

1245  : The Durdinis Mountains are now owned by the Clan of Caeydern.

1249  : Caedeyrn is recognized as a state in its own right by the Republic of Eturia.

1249: The Merchant Guild officially owns land on Kandorya, and builds a city there: Edenorya.

1250: Many fleets leave for Kandorya

1252: The Marches of Aëthéor invade the baronies of Soriak and become the Holy Empire of Aëthéor

The bubble of Aenea changes the flow of time between Orya and Kandorya, the settlers of Kandorya adopt a calendar whose first year is 1251, the dating and the events on Kandorya become complex to date from 1252.

Many decades later: seismic faults appear, engulfing entire countries. Volcanoes erupt and spit clouds of ash and lava flows. Mulkeshite armies invade the lands and sow destruction.

Orya's timeline ends on this announcement of destruction and death without knowing precisely what is happening there.

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