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Sanitary INFO



Since March 2020, the events and activities around KANDORYA have been particularly disrupted and we are adapting at all times (when possible) for the holding of the games but without compromising with security and health protocols, essential to date to fight against the COVID 19. While a number of events have been canceled or postponed over the past year, several events have taken place with, each time, the concern to offer events in a strict security environment and in compliance with current protocols. .

Decision making

On several occasions we have decided to cancel certain events or to maintain them (when possible and in accordance with health rules and prefectural directives).

Each time, decisions were made in the overriding interest of safety for all and in accordance with the health rules in force at the time of these events.

Format of events

We have adapted certain points of organization of events, so that no ambiguity or situation allows us to find ourselves in a context that would not be favorable to everyone's health security. Although the format of our events is not problematic and perfectly meets the requirements that the health situation requires every day, we are making some adaptations (often slight, but necessary) thus allowing us to remove any doubt about how the events should unfold.

The games taking place exclusively outdoors, on a rather very large space (about 50 hectares), the sanitary measures are rather easy to put in place and do not present the same risks as activities which would take place indoors. Obviously, it is also everyone's responsibility to respect these rules and to apply the barrier gestures and other necessary health directives.

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We have many e-mails, outstanding requests and try to answer each of you as soon as possible. Before contacting us, check whether the answer to your question is not on this page or on the rest of the site.

If you do not find an answer, do not hesitate to contact us at for all questions concerning logistics, registrations, and everything concerning the organizational aspect. for everything related to the game and the atmosphere. No answer will be made on this email if it does not concern the game or the atmosphere.



Thank you to all of you !

If we encountered many pitfalls and sometimes many misunderstandings, we are particularly comforted in the idea that we had to manage this crisis with temperance and see where it would lead us before making hasty decisions. And this until the end of the possibilities that we had to decide on a postponement or a maintenance.

We have met for more than a year, very funny preachers who wanted to give us injunctions on our decisions at the very beginning of this crisis, or who sometimes asked us to take a stand when the time had not yet come. We were able to keep reason and it was really sometimes missed by some who were particularly insistent.


We also met with undeniable support, real encouragement and real promoters of the project. Many thanks to them.

Our thanks go to all the players, orgas, npc, referees, volunteers, GN-Aventures teams, collaborators and participants of Kandorya.

Our thanks go to all the exhibitors, service providers, partners who support the project and especially to the Château de Serrant to their owners and their teams, whom we particularly thank for their foresight and their lucidity on the crisis we had to go through.

Our thanks also go to the communities and administrations who have been diligent and have shown themselves to be accessible to answer our questions with kindness.

A very big thank you to everyone!

Laurent Jactat


Tente AMAURY GN Kando.jpg
Tente AMAURY GN.jpg
Tente AMAURY GN Piquet Bois.jpg
Tente AMAURY détail Mat.jpg

Tente AMAURY 8mx4m occasion    1490  (prix du neuf, environ 2500€)

Tente en Toile écrue haute résistance

2 Mats en bois qui se montent en deux parties pour une hauteur totale de 3,60m. Les deux parties du mat sont reliés par des connecteurs métalliques.

2 Boules de Mats en Bois

Fournie avec ficelles et piquets en bois

Tente de très belle taille qui permet de se tenir debout sur toute sa surface. Elle est particulièrement qualitative, robuste et soignée. Fabrication française.

ATTENTION: 2 Modes de livraison uniques

- Retrait à l’entrepôt de la Chaumière du Bout des Rêves à Avrillé (49240). Prendre Rv pour retrait de la marchandise


- Livraison de votre tente à St Georges sur Loire, dans le cadre du jeu de rôle en Grandeur Nature KANDORYA (vous devez être inscrits sur l'événement). Possibilité de retirer la marchandise du mercredi 13 Juillet à 14h au Dimanche 17 Juillet 2022 à 14h sur le stand de la Chaumière du Bout des Rêves.

Pas d'expéditions

Vous pouvez commander la tente AMAURY 8mx4m en occasion pour 1490€ sur le site de la Chaumière du Bout des Rêves en suivant ce lien:

Tente AMAURY GN Kando.jpg
Tente AMAURY GN.jpg
Tente AMAURY GN Piquet Bois.jpg
Tente AMAURY détail Mat.jpg
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