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Lost objects

Lost Items Terms and Conditions:

- At the end of each event, before leaving, remember to switch to PC Orga to perhaps find your property;

- You are entirely responsible for the loss of your object;

- Sending a form below does not guarantee that we will find your object;

- Do not rely on rumours: for example "I was told that it had been deposited at PC Orga" - as long as you have not contacted PC Orga to report this lost item, this rumor is not verified;

- PC Orga recovers a lot of similar lost items that are unrecognizable, not labeled with your name or marked with a color, so it's quite possible that another player has recovered it thinking they are the his;

- A very detailed description of the object allows the processing of the request more quickly and efficiently. You can also attach a photo link.

- If we have found your object, we can send it to you by post at your expense or you can pick it up at the Chaumière du Bout des Rêves in Angers.

Lost objects 
Kandorya and Inter Kando
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